Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Another weekend with Teddy

The past weekend we got to have SweetieS kindergarten mascot Teddy for a visit.It’s been about a year since we had him for a visit. (in case you missed it, here is the post)

Sine we last saw him Teddy has been “upgraded” with new clothes and a new buddy, Little Teddy. This time SweetieS put in a request for a new hat for Teddy. With temperature rapid falling these days, SweetieS felt Teddy need a warm hat. So I was put to work. I did a quick Google search to have a base to start with. I found this pattern. Starting with 68 stitches I knitted until I felt it was big enough.

Bilde 07.10.2017, 09.52.34

I’m still looking for Lille Teddy. He went to bed with Teddy and SweetieS and has yet to show up…I’ve emptied the bed (SweetieS has “a few” stuffed animals) and still no sign of him…

These days the windows in our house are being changed. So the weekend was spendt clearing and getting ready for the upcoming renovation, while the girls had a sleep over at the grand parents.

- how have you spendt your weekend?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I “heart” NY

Just a few days ago I wrapped up my annual New York (US?) trip with mummy dearest.

This time around we actually had time to both do some sightseeing and shopping. Not like last time, were my suitcase suit case tok a few rounds extra around the world (read its story here).

I had in advanced ordered the New York Pass. These passes are great if you plan on doing some sightseeing over a few days, or even just one day. If you download the app, you can plan in advance. The app had a nice feature for setting up an agenda for the day and gives a calculated savings overview. Great to check if it is worth investing in a pass at all. I recommend starting out early the sightseeing day(s), a lot of time is wasted in ticket queues and (airportlike) security checks. Oh and pick up your pass in advance! so you don’t waste time queing for the pass. The pass is activated upon the first attraction.

Monday, June 5, 2017

A sunny day

Summer is slowly coming to Oslo, Norway. On this this beautiful sunny day we went for a longer drive and visited a friend DaffyM in Bødalen (Norwegian for boo-valley). Mostly because SweetieL is very intimidated by dogs, and my friend has a cute little jack russell terrier called Bella. We planned a longer visit for SweetieL to warm up to Bella. A few hours later SweetieL isn’t runing after dogs, but she doesn’t run the opposite direction either. So some progress. We might have to give it a few more rounds before SweetieL warms up to dogs…

Part of warming up for our visit, I have been showing SweetieL pictures of Bella. And this picture on the Garnstudio website is a nice picture of a jack. In this pciture there is a very nice coat for dogs. So why not make it for little Bella? well just a few days before our visit I dug out the necessary yarns and started. After making a major mistake (I misread the pattern) I had to almost restart this project. But with a few hours less sleep this weekend I finished in time for our visit…

Bilde 05.06.2017, 11.43.16sweet little Bella

I followed the pattern called “The lookout” by Drops design. I did however make it shorter than the measurements for the medium size. Bella is on the petite side of Jack Russells. I used 3 skeins of Drops karisma In the color Lavendel – 074), I had some left over from a My sister & me project, where I made matching tunicas for the girls. Luckily Bella tested the coat long enough for a snap.

- how have you spent this beautiful day off?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The month of May

The month of May is a hectic month at CasaR. With Norways national day just passed, I have my hands full with planing and getting ready for the birthday of SweetieS and SweetieL. As they both are born on the same day it’s double the trouble fun.

As part of getting CasaR ready for the hoards of family and friends coming over, I have tried to organize our hallway. After SweetieL began kindergarten…it has been a constant mess…well some of it anyways…the shoes to start with…

Bilde 20.05.2017, 21.31.18 Bilde 20.05.2017, 22.08.30



I upgraded our existing IKEA setup. The old setup was two Tjusig shoe racks combined. I just added a third rack (remember to secure them together) and on top a Elvarli shelf on top. I added a few Grundtal hooks on the top rack so the girls can hang their jackets when they get in the door.

May 17th is Norways constitution day…so we all dressed up and went out. It is a tradition in my neighbourhood to have a May 17th parade….so we joined that. The girls mood was not dampened by the few raindrops that came falling down.

Bilde 17.05.2017, 11.05.32 Bilde 17.05.2017, 11.05.37



This week is full of events @CasaR. So when I get my head over water I’ll post an update on the girls birthday celebrations….

Thursday, May 11, 2017

No way back now…

Yesterday the invites went out to SweetieS birthday celebration with her kindergarten friends. Am I the only one a little nervous when sending out 17(!) invites? I have been researching and doodling around what theme. After checking with SweetieS we landed on My Little Pony theme.

I had fun making last years invites. (the post about last year “happening” is here) So again, thanx to Pintrest I got hold of a template I wanted to use for the invites. The original door hanger is available here. I did some editing on the originals to make it more “invite friendly”. The backside is mirrored and with party details.

Bilde 11.05.2017, 20.22.41

Last year we had the kids over for 2 hours. Those are two intens hours….but worth it. SweetieS was very pleased with everything. The difference this time is that we are also inviting “the boys”. Hopefully it won’t get too out of hand….

Still two weeks until the event…so until then no more pictures. I know some of you mums attending read my blog, so no spoilers.

- how do you plan your kids birthday parties?
- do you have any smart tips to share?

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